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About The Green Power Company for Building Materials

The Green Power Company for Building Materials began its journey in 1975 where our company supplied local markets with supplies for carpenters, blacksmiths and industrial workshops. In 1977 we expanded our company with 250 square meters of space with an increase in products and materials. Through the years we have been rapidly expanding and now are based at Shuwaikh industrial Area 17 St, Kuwait City, where we stock the highest quality door locks, pad locks, hinges, pull handles, sliding rails, knobs, caster wheels, hand towels, power tools, screws, bolts, curtain rails and much more. All products carefully chosen which quality, luxury, reliability, and most important our customers in mind.

Our Manufacturers

Carefully selected with quality, performance, functionality and reality in mind we have over 25 manufacturers that we order from on a regular basis. These manufacturers are located in Italy, Austria, Taiwan, Spain, Turkey & Greece. Please use the links below to view products we stock as well as consult with the manufacturers website to view more products that may meet your needs.


Click Here to view our available products, for more products please visit Meroni's website.

Founded in 1945, Serrature Meroni is a renowned Italian and international locks and closure systems manufacturer, both mechanical and electronics, for the application in many sectors: furniture and doors, but also multi-utility, gaming...
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Click Here to view products that we stock, for more products please visit Galbusera's website.

The company has distinguished itself since its creation for the quality of its products. Great care is taking from every point of view: from the selection and purchase of raw materials to the packing, which is all done in its own sites... Read More


Click Here to view products that we stock, for more products please visit Olivari's website.

Starting with brass billets, the handles are forged, milled, polished, buffed, chrome-plated and hallmarked with a laser. Olivari has more than 100 handles that feature historic pieces, timeless bestsellers and novelties signed by the greatest designers and international architects... Read More